5 Tips For Organizing A Successful Outdoor Classroom

Benefits of Outdoor Classroom

There are more benefits to taking classes outdoors than just being able to maintain social distance. Children can breathe fresh air outside without a mask than indoors where the air is not circulating. And outdoors allowing them to concentrate more and study more effectively than when they are indoors.

How to organize an outdoor classroom

1. Prepare any equipment needed

Although the teaching is done outdoors, teaching props are still necessary. You need to put some teaching props in this space, such as a whiteboard or a portable display. This will make it easier for the teacher to conduct the class and allow the students to see clearly what is being taught today. It also allows them to focus more. Of course, there are chairs, individual seats to ensure that students have space to move around, and a good social distance.

2. Be prepared for all weather conditions

In the outdoors, you need to be prepared for all eventualities. For an outdoor classroom, you will probably need an event tent to avoid the weather. Depending on the season or number of people, you can choose whether you need a canopy tent or a large tent. canopy tent 10x20 can accommodate up to 20 people, while a large tent can accommodate up to 125 people.

3. Use of natural features

The natural environment can inspire and create ideas that will allow students to write for a specified amount of time. I believe that writing in an outdoor environment will be more creative than indoors. Have students learn to observe and have them pay attention to things around them such as trees or birds. Then draw them, which is a great exercise in concentration and observation. For preschoolers, math can be incorporated into nature. Using nature objects and wide-open spaces can make numbers more tangible.

4. More close to nature

5. Let them move

When it comes to teaching outdoors, that means activities. The outdoors is definitely a better place to move your body than in the limited indoor space. It’s a good idea to move around for a while after class, or you can take them for a walk around campus. Getting the body moving, relaxes the tired brain and makes it more focused on exploring unknown paths. In the outdoor classroom, you can also organize students into teams and start playing games. Team games improve collaboration and social skills, and team activities promote communication.


Regardless of how long it takes for the pandemic to end, our classes can become flexible. Teaching outdoors is a way for students to reap the physical and mental benefits. They are able to see things from a new perspective and improve their abilities and thinking. It’s also more fun and relaxing for the teachers, and they get closer to the students. It brings emotional benefits to both students and teachers. If you are interested in an outdoor classroom, follow the instructions above. Bring your students for an outdoor teaching session in the new year.



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