You Can’t Go Wrong With These Best Winter Wedding Ideas

Not everyone is brave enough to plan an outdoor winter wedding, and most people just give up on the idea because of the cold weather. Indeed, winter weddings are not as colorful as summer in terms of outdoor scenery, but there are quite a few drawbacks to consider in the summer. The heat can make a mess of the bride’s elaborate makeup and hair, and sweat can wet the groom’s tuxedo. Food prepared with care can also be ruined by the heated sun. Not to mention how terrible the mosquitoes are outdoors, which can make your guests feel uncomfortable if you don’t have all the proper preparations in place. If you want a white-themed party, the natural snowy winter scenery will be your best choice. Here are some tips to give you some ideas while ensuring that your wedding is held perfectly.

The benefits of a winter wedding

  • More bookable venues and times. Since most weddings are held in the summer or spring, it can be difficult to book a venue for these two seasons. However, after the fall and winter seasons, the events will slowly decrease, leaving you with plenty of dates to book, and you will be able to choose the venue and date you want, giving you maximum flexibility.
  • Affordable venue fees. It is the high season’s hot bookings that can drive up venue costs, and the peculiarities of winter can make vendors choose to rent out venues at a lower price. You will also be able to save money to spend elsewhere. Also, if you hire an event planning company, the few events in the winter will allow them to focus more on your wedding event.
  • Cheaper travel for guests. Winter is also the low season for travel, and both airfare and hotel accommodations are cheaper than in the summer. This is also the time to be able to get your best friends in different states to come to your wedding.
  • More colorful decorations can be used. Unlike summer, which already has colorful plants, the entire winter theme is white which allows you to decorate with as many vivid colors as possible. Winter wedding color scheme is a critical element and I would suggest that warm colors are best. In addition to the classic red color palette, there are also popular bright yellow colors as well as greens that will stand out more in the snow. This can make your wedding look brighter plus add a sense of warmth.

Need one big tent

If you want to give your guests more space to rest, you can additionally purchase the Four Seasons pop-up canopy with thick sidewalls to keep you warm. It also gives guests space to chat in addition to the main room and allows for more food tables or other wedding supplies.

Check the weather

Inform your guests in advance

Placement of heating equipment

Add a hot beverage bar

Like I said before you can use the pop-up canopy to set up a drink bar. Nothing warms the body and mind more than a nice hot drink in winter, and I appreciate a glass of mulled wine, hot cocoa, or hot coffee more than a cocktail. If you serve cocoa to your guests, you need plenty of hot water. The same holds for coffee. This way guests can drink hot drinks while chatting and laughing to stay relaxed. As for the dessert part, apple pie will always be the first choice in winter, sweet and tart and refreshing without bringing too much burden to people. If you’re worried about the pop-up tent after use and don’t know what to do with it, you can also use it as a temporary storage room for subsequent use.

Consider a floral arch

Flowers are one of the most common decorations for various events, but they still can’t resist the fact that they are beautiful. It can be decorated anywhere, and adding a floral wedding altar to a wedding will be impressive. No matter the theme, the place, a floral arch can always add color and structure to your space and bring a sense of sanctity to the end of your aisle. Choose flowers that are similar to the overall color of your wedding or it will feel out of place.

Don’t hesitate

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